About Us

The Art of Storytelling

Creating intimate brand connections.

It is through the stories we tell and our method of delivery that an alluring multi-platform experience is created, one that is much more powerful than the traditional method of brand positioning.

Every business has a story. As an extension of your business, HCP Media creates compelling content — across print, digital and everything in between — that inspires readers to engage with your brand.

How do we do it?

Defining the heart and soul of a brand.

First of all, our team has a deep understanding of human behavior. We understand what it takes to define the heart and soul of a brand and place it in the mind of consumers. And since 2000, we’ve successfully created engaging content and unique business opportunities for hundreds of clients.

Who is HCP Media?

Understanding your business needs.

As communication experts, we create innovative, market-leading, cross-platform solutions that stay ahead of consumers’ evolving media habits. As a custom publishing and promotion company, we offer:

  • Wide variety of engaging print publications, including in-flight magazines, luxury hotel publications, coffee-table books, commemorative editions and so much more.
  • Marketing publications and materials for national and global companies targeting affluent, sophisticated consumers.
  • Turnkey, integrated, top-quality print and digital marketing solutions.
  • Fully integrated digital marketing solutions.

We reach more than 75 million active travelers annually through our publications and 5 million unique monthly visitors on our combined websites. And our work has been recognized with more than 250 prestigious awards for editorial, photography and design.

Our Team

Bringing it all to life.

Our team is a creative army, and we’re ready for any challenge. Dozens of award-winning writers, graphic designers, photographers and specialized executives create innovative, cross-platform solutions — successfully reaching even the most segmented and illusive markets, providing end-to-end services that can make your project a profitable one.

HCP Media is also a part of the McClatchy network, one of the largest media organizations in the United States. So what does this mean for you? We have resources — and lots of them.

Our global sales force is expansive, and when combined with the strengths of McClatchy, we offer our clients an unparalleled wealth of experience and access to resources. We understand the nuances and customers in each market, and translate that knowledge into successful sales strategies and ROI for our clients.