We are thrilled that HCP’s very own Ingrid Martinez was recognized as a 2018 Herald Hero at our 2019 annual meeting! These awards are not just highly coveted for the recognition, winners are nominated and selected by their McClatchy peers, making them even more meaningful for the recipients. We could not agree more with this selection! This is what was said about her:
This Herald Hero is truly her department’s Superwoman. Every day, she tackles projects big and small, new and ongoing, internal and client-facing, with super-human strength and endurance. Her dedication, creative thinking and over-the-top achievements are just a few of her amazing traits. She is always willing to lend a hand any way she can, from creating presentation decks and organizing team-building activities to flawlessly executing key sponsorship events for high-end clients and advertisers. She spearheads digital initiatives; continuously advances marketing, branding and revenue opportunities; and coordinates every detail of proposals, RFPs and presentations. Regardless of job descriptions and responsibilities, she dives into every task with an “I can do it” attitude. If she doesn’t know something, rest assured that by the next day she has researched it and is on her way to fully understanding whatever it may be. She’s not only an outstanding team member, she’s also always there to support company initiatives, offering her ideas and legwork. She’s someone who goes above and beyond in every imaginable – and unimaginable – way. Her team members consider themselves lucky and thankful to have her. It’s because of these accomplishments and a million other reasons that we honor Ingrid Martinez of HCP Media with the Herald Hero award!