Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association (AHATA)

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Established in 1965, the Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association was created to promote cooperation between its members — primarily hotel properties at the time — and other tourism-related agencies. Since that time, AHATA has grown and evolved to become a non-profit association powered by 100 member companies that run the breath of the country’s tourism industry, from large hotel properties and timeshare resorts to activities companies and small service providers. The combined strength and expertise these members provide as a collective enables AHATA to enact positive change within the island.

Aruba Magazine
As the official annual publication of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, Aruba Magazine is the definitive travel guide of “One Happy Island.” Featuring a new design and size, this captivating magazine showcases Aruba’s diverse and unique attractions, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and history to help visitors plan an unforgettable Aruba experience.

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